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Paleoclimate (pc) is about life and climate in the past, and how knowledge of pc may help explain the present and predict the future of life and climate.

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Early (50 mil. years ago) primate skeleton found in Wyoming, photo of exhibit at Denver Museum of Natural History.

"Composite (left) and reconstructed (right) skeletons of D. szalayi, the oldest known ancestor of primates. (Bloch, et al./ PNAS). Credit: Bloch, et al./ PNAS"

Paleontologists Discover Most Primitive Primate Skeleton
New Haven CT (SPX) Jan 25, 2007
The origins and earliest branches of primate evolution are clearer and more ancient by 10 million years than previous studies estimated, according to a study featured on the cover of the Jan. 23 print edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The paper by researchers at Yale, the University of Winnipeg, Stony Brook University, and led by University of Florida paleontologist Jonathan Bloch reconstructs the base of the primate family tree by comparing skeletal and fossil specimens representing more than 85 modern and extinct species. The team also discovered two 56-million-year-old fossils, including the most primitive primate skeleton ever described.


Paleoclimate (Pc) - about life and climate in Earth's past.

Pc may try to help explain present life and climate and may try to help describe what future life and climate could be like on Earth.